Bride on a Budget

Girls I hear ya! We all have two weddings to plan- our Pinterest wedding and our ACTUAL wedding! Not many of us our lucky enough to have the funds to float to our dream castle in a hot air balloon, landing onto a white pony and gallop towards your five hundred strong wedding party! So where do you start to plan?

For your wedding in general, photography included, I would keep my eyes peeled on social media. As silly as it sounds I would follow and like any supplier I was interested in as they are likely to offer discounts and competitions which may mean your dream photographer is much more attainable than you first thought. Wedding fairs are also a great way to plan and prioritise with your budget in mind – be prepared and ask if a fair discount or goody bag is available, many suppliers will have signup sheets or special rates available and hey! It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Regarding photography I would always encourage you to prioritise and ask yourself how important is photography to you? For most it features high and you may have to cut down on other suppliers to facilitate your wedding photography package. Start by listing out all the things you would like your wedding to include and the prices (after shopping around of course) and then start picking your needs and your wants. Wedding photography can be a large expense and with super tight budgets you may be tempted to ask a friend or family member to be your photographer, I would advise against this. While establishing myself as a wedding photographer I would, when asked bring along my camera and take a few shots as a ‘gift’ to the couple however taking on the pressure of an entire wedding for someone who you are close to can be a very stressful and a potentially friendship risking move! At some point your guest will want to put that camera away and enjoy your wedding. I would be more happy to recommend contacting your local Arts School and asking two or three photography students to be your ‘Team’ for the day, they are likely to be super keen and although the photography might be on the inconsistent side you will get a better result in comparison.

My last piece of advice is to consider the people around you, mums and dads, friends, Aunts, grandmas- they’re likely all waiting to be involved in the fun of planning your wedding. They may not have much to offer and asking for money can feel horrible, but many people will ask for a donation towards the wedding as an alternative to a wedding gift. I’ve had brides that have saved money on their mum buying their shoes and donating family jewellery and dads instantly regretting their decision to pay for the bride’s dress! All these savings not only mean more money for the rest of your wedding plans but often involves the people you love the most in the experience and fun of planning a wedding.

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