Hints and Tips for a Busy Bride

Today's lifestyle can feel like a fast paced, relentless sprint, with careers, kids, family and friends we often cannot find time for ourselves. Then you get engaged and have a WHOLE WEDDING TO PLAN!

Finding time to plan your wedding can feel impossible with Brides putting off their dates or having years of engagement to accommodate when ‘life gets in the way’. Others however dive in headfirst, giving themselves a six-month deadline full well knowing that they have only two weeks holiday allowance left and lots of kid’s birthday parties to arrange before the big day! So how do you even start thinking about where to start?

Wedding Planners! They are a God send and although the concept may feel a little alien, hiring someone who will organise your big day and coordinate on the actual day can be a huge relief for a busy bride. Finding a wedding planner that suits you and your fiancée is a similar journey to finding your perfect photographer- to read more see my Blog post, ‘A Guide to choosing your wedding photographer’.

So, you’ve decided it just wouldn’t be your day if you don’t plan it yourself? Well the secret is to …. PLAN! Get started- right now! Fill your empty minutes between bathing the kids or business meetings with scrolling through social media, contacting suppliers for meetings and getting quotes. The more information you can gather at the beginning of the process the more likely you are to love your wedding!

Meeting on your schedule is a super helpful way to ensure the suppliers you pick are the ones for you and I would HIGHLY recommend meeting in person before securing their services. Set aside time where you can, as a couple have casual meetings so you can make informed decisions. Try to arrange them together, one after the other or even overlapping! I have often met videographers and DJ’s at this stage!

And lastly – delegating. Ew we hate it I know! But if you’re marrying them you should be able to trust their judgement! Or perhaps even your Maid of Honour or Best Man? As you start planning you will realise that there are a lot of little things which could be easily given away such as buying the bridesmaids shoes- a Maid of Honour ‘Duty’ or collecting the suits from the tailor - a Best Man ‘Task’. Letting go of these little responsibilities will give you time to enjoy planning your wedding and will make your friends and family feel involved and trusted!

So, remember, however full your life is and crazy impossible it seems to start planning, your partner plucked up the courage to ask you to Marry them (or perhaps it was you) so GO WITH IT! Life is too short not to scream I LOVE THIS PERSON! Life can be tedious and grey so snatch up the possibility of a big romantic gesture and have a little fairy-tale for yourself- YOU DESERVE IT!

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