How to celebrate your original date

Hey everyone, I’m writing this blog post to you all today because I’m feeling pretty bummed out and I can’t imagine how anyone who has had to rearrange their whole wedding must be feeling right now! So, in an attempt to be productive rather than dreaming of photographing weddings, I have come up with a little list of things you can do to mark your original date.

Couples photoshoot – as part of my package you receive a couples/engagement shoot to give us time to get to know each other and for you to settle in front of the camera, so why not dress up and have a couples shoot to mark the day. It could be super romantic or super silly!

Socially distanced party – now that the restrictions are being lifted a little, why not have a small group of friends or family in your back garden for drinks? Or perhaps have a video call with your bridal party? Or just a private party for two with your intended!

Dress up and have a toast – a nice way to break up lockdown monotony and get out of the pj bottoms!

Hire your caterer for a romantic meal – many of your suppliers are having a tough year (trust me!) so why not treat yourselves to a taste of what’s to come! Or even order a miniature version of your cake and pig out!

Take a trip down memory lane – take a moment to go over old photographs, videos and texts, reminiscence and actually say out loud what you love about one another.

Small online ceremony – it is possible to do online handfasting ceremonies, video call with friends and family to read your vows or simply do a live stream to tell everyone how grateful that they planned to come to their original wedding and can’t wait to see everyone again soon.

And lastly, don’t do anything! I know it sounds awful but give yourself a BREAK! You don’t have to make a big deal or even mark your original date if you don’t feel like it! The pandemic has had such a massive effect of peoples wedding plans and that can be so upsetting so take it easy and don’t feel pressure to feel or behave a certain way.

I’m sending all my love to my postponed couples and anyone else who is being affected by the pandemic <3

Stay in touch with your family -even if they are as mad as mine!

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