Qualities to look for in a wedding photographer

I have recently been pondering what makes a good wedding photographer. During my photography studies we were encouraged to be reflective and to focus on our strengths and weaknesses to drive our learning forward and I feel this is a skill that has always stuck with me. Yet it was only recently that I took a minute to stop and think that, if I were a newly engaged couple, what qualities should I look for to find the perfect photographer? Photographic skill should be a given, so I’m not listing that as a quality however pick a photographer whose photos you enjoy looking at. You don’t need to know a lot about photography to be able to make that call and at the end of the day if you like your photo’s that’s all that matters. Do however ask to see photographs that are not listed on their ‘portfolio’ or even request access to see a whole photographic package if possible, this will give you a much better understanding of what you will receive in the end and the overall quality of the photography.

So, the first quality I have listed is ‘punctual and helpful’. Both these things are super important as the only person allowed to be running late on the big day is the Bride and, in an attempt to make sure she isn’t late it is usually all hands-on deck! Being able to muck in as one of a team (Team Bride!) is the hallmark of a good wedding photographer.

Secondly your photographer must be ‘kind and friendly’. A lot of people will not consider the amount of time you will spend with your photographer, a person who will be interacting with your friends and family all day and you will be meeting with on multiple occasions before and after your big day so to have a kind and friendly professional to rely on is super useful and essential for a relaxed and fun photography experience.

And the third, and last thing on my list is that they are ‘energetic and passionate’. I could ramble on for pages and pages on the many qualities necessary, but it feels more concise to mention just three! Passion and energy is contagious and if your photographer is giving off good ‘vibes’ being part of the day and integrating well you will receive better photographs. For example, when a friend or family member takes your photo they smile and encourage you, they might kindly suggest a certain pose and laugh with you when you look through the outtakes. This is the kind of energy, enthusiasm and passion you want from your photographer to achieve your best photographs EVER!

If you are still a little lost on how to even start looking for your wedding photographer, please check out my blog post – A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Photographer.

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