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There are several questions which I get asked as a photographer which always puzzle me, not because I cannot answer them but because I hope they are apparent without having to be asked! If you have looked at a photographer’s portfolio and website you should be able to ascertain their style, whether they do certain shots and if they allow pets in photos (the answer is yes for me, ALWAYS yes!). So here are some important questions you should ask that may not have occurred to you…

1. Have you photographed my venue before? The important thing to know about this question is it is not a yes/no answer. As a relatively new wedding photographer there are many venues I have not had the pleasure to work with but my answer would not be NO, it would however be no, BUT I scout new locations and ensure I am acquainted with the venue staff and your wedding planner (if you have one). This allows me to not only have points of contact but gives me the opportunity to nosy around your venue and ensure I have several good ‘locations’ indoors and outdoors for your big day. If the answer is yes, I may suggest we have a consultation at the venue to remind myself and discover new locations I may have missed and as a chance to reintroduce myself as it may have been sometime since I last worked with the venue.

2. Can I give you a shot list? There are many Pro’s and Con’s to giving your photographer shot lists which I have outlined in a recent post. I am more than happy to follow a set list for family shots with the additional help of a family member or sensible member of the Bridal party so that the appropriate people can be rounded up!

3. How long are you with us on the day? This is a super important question to ask as one photographers’ idea of all-day may differ to the next. I always arrive in good time when the bride wants me in the morning and will stay till just after the cake cutting and first dance. I do offer an extra to stay on till midnight which can be found on my EXTRAS page on the website to ensure I cover all the partying.

4. Can you explain ‘editing to me?’ So editing is a blanket word photographers use generally to cover the time between your wedding and the delivery of your photos. It can include downloading and uploading times as well as digital photo editing. For more please see my recent video post on editing or my YOUTUBE video.

5. Why do we sign a contract with you? Like many people offering services, I have Terms and Conditions (can be found on my website and attached to all quotations) and I ask for both the bride and the groom to sign a contract. This contract is simply a recognition of the T&C’s and outlines the service I offer and ensures that there is no ambiguity on either side. It is not a scary thing and is there to protect you as consumers as well as me as a service provider.

6. Are you insured? Another REALLY important question, especially if your photographer seems unbelievably cheap! Without insurance a lot of venues will NOT allow the photographer to work at their premises which can be a huge problem if you have already paid or given a deposit payment. Luckily most photographers will have insurance and I certainly do but it’s always good practice to ask!

These are six important questions I would suggest asking to all your suppliers in their own context. If you require more guidance on questions to ask your photographer see my FAQ’s page on my website.

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