Things to know about photographers

Creativity - photographers are hugely creative people who have chosen cameras to help them achieve their artistic goals. Okay, so that sounds a little pretentious but nonetheless true of most photographers. A good tip to finding a creative photographer to shoot your wedding is to ask them about any projects they have planned or styled photoshoots they have done. A creative photographer will have ideas rolling around for personal and side projects and you can rest assured they will find creative ideas and solutions for you!

Technical photography skills – this is hopefully very clear in the photographer’s portfolio If they have the correct skills to be a photographer. I myself went to university and will happily show a full and final wedding during a consultation to give you a great understanding of the overall quality of the delivered images opposed to the selected best shots which go into a portfolio.

Patience and concentration – these skills are especially important for lots of different genres of photography. I think that patience and concentration really come into their own in wedding photography when teamed with overall awareness. This results in awesome images of the things which may pass by someone who is rushing or not concentrating because they are thinking to rigidly of the ‘next shot’.

Strong interpersonal skills – being able to get along with everyone and make people feel comfortable is a KEY skill for a photographer and I would argue the MOST important thing is to feel comfortable with your photographer. I encourage a more relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on having fun to ensure that my subjects are feeling happy and the photographs are relaxed and natural.

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