Upgrade Time!

I'm FINALLY updating my editing computer 💙🖥 Bye bye slow laptop, hello custom built PC!!!

For a while now my laptop has been getting slower and slower and this makes editing a 600+ photo wedding a very slow and fustrating process. It has been on my to do list for months now and I have been browsing desk top and laptop PC's for some time and have a good understanding of what hardware I want and need from my editing PC.

With this in mind I have contacted a local company StClair Computers who usually build high powered gaming PC's and discussed my needs with Alexander who is quoting for a custom PC. I wont be saving a huge amount of money but along with StClair Computers I can basically get a computer which I know will be able to do everything I want it for and have all the things which I want and need rather than going for a bog standard PC World thing which may not be exactly what I need!

Super excited for them to start the build and deliver the awesome new peice of kit which will speed up my edits so my couples wont have to wait too long when things get busy!

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