Why should I invest in Wedding Photography?

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Well you know I’m going to be all for wedding photography, a total advocate of documenting your life and generally all things photographic, but a lot of people don’t seem to feel the same way.

My heart drops when someone I know says they’’ ‘just have iPhone pictures’ or will ‘put out disposables’ mainly because I know how heart broken and full of regret that couple will be when they are presented with the photographs which were taken on the day.

So here are my personal thoughts on why I believe wedding photography is worth investing in…

Wedding photography is Its own genre characterised by process, aesthetic and the overall service offered. Starting in the 1800’s (rumoured to have been Victoria and Albert starting the trend), wedding photography quickly became a way to add importance to your already life changing experience of getting married. This was also a time when, unless you were loaded, it is likely you don’t have many selfies! The 1900s saw the advent of the first colour photography but it wasn’t until WW2 that portable cameras became commonplace and even then, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that ‘styles’ of wedding photography began to evolve (to see ‘styles explained’).

The advent of digital cameras, computers and the internet now mean that we can benefit from photography’s history and apply it to our lives in a way which allows us to tell our story and leave mementos behind for future generations. Wedding photography is often overlooked as a vital piece of your personal history, I would argue it is more valuable to future generations than most heirlooms and link us to our pasts in a way no other medium has the power to do. There is something quite magical being shown a photograph of your great grandparents on their wedding day, you may never have met them and certainly not in their youth but photography has the ability to build strong ties to our collective pasts which I feel is massively important.

So, I’m being sentimental now? Okay, so why invest in wedding photography for yourself?

Photographers have a wealth of knowledge and years of practice and experience they are willing to share with you. It is unlikely you have planned many weddings in your past whereas your wedding photographer has probably been involved in planning hundreds. The time they have invested in your wedding is mind boggling. Not only the time meeting you, have pre-consultations, the whole wedding day, the editing, the final meeting and any other photoshoots that might be included (see ‘why I give you a photoshoot’ in next weeks blog) BUT the years of training, practice and experience you will benefit from.

Being a wedding photographer is an extremely rewarding job for me, I produce images which I hope will be treasured. Every human has the need to tell their story and leave something of themselves behind and wedding photography was designed for this very act. You must consider not only your enjoyment of your photographs but the joy it brings family and friends, future generations and ultimately telling the collective story of our lives at this time.

Rebekah and Mikes beautiful Irish wedding and her lovely Grandparents who recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary <3

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