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The 'Full Day' Package

Inclusive of all the extra services included in my packages, the Full Day package is a very popular choice for couples who want to document the day in all its glory. The eight hours of coverage makes a perfect 'getting ready to first dance' timing and allows time to record all the key moments of your day. 



Begin your unforgettable photographic journey with the Full Day package offered by Katy Brothers Wedding Photography. This all-encompassing package guarantees an extensive 8-hour coverage personally led by Katy Brothers herself, capturing your pivotal moments and weaving a rich and diverse visual narrative of your special day.

The photographic adventure commences with a complimentary engagement shoot, an optional shoot, lovingly crafted to help you and your partner ease into comfortable modelling, creating cherished memories before your big day. Before the wedding day unfolds, a considerate pre-wedding consultation is arranged to thoroughly discuss your plans, ensuring that your priorities are well understood and preparations are meticulously in place.

On the day of your celebration, Katy Brothers serves not just as a photographer but as a supportive presence, guiding you through the photo sessions and immortalising all the beautiful moments. Her involvement goes beyond the lens, extending to assisting in staging family photos and discreetly sampling your cupcakes when no one is looking.

Upon the completion of the photography, you'll receive your striking collection on a beautifully presented memory stick. Furthermore, a password-protected online gallery offers unlimited downloads and the freedom to share the collection with as many loved ones as you desire. Additionally, the option to utilise in-house printing services for creating beautiful albums, prints, and more ensures that your treasured memories are impeccably preserved.

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