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The 'Full Day PLUS' Package

Inclusive of all the additional extras included in my packages, the Full Day PLUS also allows for the flexibility to ensure that all the key parts of your day are captured beautifully and from lots of angles, leaving you with more cherished memories than you'll know what to do with!


EVERYTHING INCLUDED (and a bit more for good measure!)

Embark on a comprehensive and unforgettable photographic journey with the Full Day Plus package offered by Katy Brothers Wedding Photography. This inclusive package ensures an extensive 10-hour coverage by Katy Brothers herself, coupled with the invaluable addition of a second photographer contributing six hours of coverage. This dynamic duo captures your key moments from various angles, providing a rich and diverse visual narrative of your special day.

The photographic experience begins with a complimentary engagement shoot, an optional opportunity designed to help you and your partner ease into the camera's spotlight and create cherished memories before the grand occasion. Prior to the wedding day, a thoughtful pre-wedding consultation is scheduled to meticulously go over your plans, ensuring that your priorities are understood and preparations are in place.

On the day of your celebration, Katy Brothers will be there not just as a photographer but as a supporter, guiding you through the photo sessions and immortalising all the beautiful moments. Her presence extends beyond the lens, and she might even join you on the dance floor to share in the joyous festivities.

Once the photography is complete, you will receive your stunning collection on a beautifully presented memory stick. Additionally, access to a password-protected online gallery awaits, granting you unlimited downloads and the freedom to share the gallery with as many loved ones as you desire. To enhance your post-wedding experience, you'll also receive £50 print credit, allowing you to customize your gallery with beautiful albums, prints, and more, ensuring that your cherished memories are beautifully preserved.

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