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The 'Hourly Rate'

Perfect for the couple looking to create a bespoke photography experience, choosing the hourly rate allows for a online consultation, the selected coverage, fully edited images and six months access to your online gallery. It is not a package and does not include any extras. 



The flexible hourly rate provided by Katy Brothers allows you to tailor your day to your preferences.

The photographic journey begins with an online pre-wedding consultation, allowing us to thoroughly discuss your plans, ensuring a clear understanding of your priorities and help you to prepare for your coverage. 

On the day of your celebration, Katy Brothers not only fulfills the role of a photographer but also serves as a supportive presence, guiding you through photo sessions and immortalising all the beautiful moments. In addition to capturing the agreed-upon hours, Katy will strive to maximise that time, ensuring the capture of moments discussed during your planning and consultation.

After the photography concludes, you'll receive access to a password-protected online gallery, providing unlimited downloads and the freedom to share the collection with as many loved ones as you desire. Additionally, the option to utilise in-house printing services for crafting beautiful albums, prints, and more ensures the impeccable preservation of your cherished memories.

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